Every Bullet Has A Target – A social Awareness Campaign2023-11-08T15:03:59+00:00
The Silence of the Bees: New Moment’s Eco-Friendly Campaign2023-11-08T15:07:20+00:00
The Skopje Project: Great Visual Identity of History2023-11-08T15:09:35+00:00
The Red Phone – New Moment’s Campaign for Freedom of Speech2023-11-08T15:11:03+00:00
10 Apart Meters – A Religious & Social Awareness Campaign2023-11-08T15:15:26+00:00
PETA – New Moment’s Fashion Project – Shaking Up the Trend2023-11-08T15:22:13+00:00
The Body Shop – Rejecting The Beauty Industry’s Rules2023-11-08T15:27:06+00:00
Kaleido Private Bank: The Swiss Army Knife For Private Banks2023-11-08T15:28:34+00:00
Jagermeister BTM Campaign – Influencer Social Media Campaign2023-11-08T15:30:03+00:00
H2 Machine Global Launch2023-11-08T15:31:14+00:00
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