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Full-Stack Marketing & PR Agency

New Moment Full-Service Marketing Agency:

specialized in design, branding, digital advertising, PR, strategic planning, concept development & media services. We get a kick out of creating awesome designs and meticulous campaigns for clients who refuse to blend in, both offline and online.

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Titanium Lions are awarded at Cannes Lions to celebrate game-changing creativity. We are extremely proud of this creative project since it brought us the only Titanium Lion ever won in our region. Take a peek at our “Ten Meters Apart” video encouraging religious tolerance.

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We joined forces with a national TV station and developed a campaign where we fought for media freedom and independence. This project won a Silver Lion at Cannes Lions and helped defy political orders by restoring faith in the media.

Kaleido Privat Bank Logo

We had the chance to collaborate with Growthlane and work on Kaleido Private Bank’s online brand awareness campaign. Not only did we manage to drive traffic & raise awareness, we also developed a full SEO strategy & prepared lead gen campaigns.

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Working on this project was an absolute honor and pleasure since we got to take over the entire video production of a wonderfully prepared campaign back in 2020, during the complete worldwide lockdown. Check out the video we produced.

Jagermeister Color Logo

We connected with influencers established in their own fields and created an extraordinary social media campaign that built the brand image & brought the engagement we wanted.

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We took a data-driven creative approach with this project and it was the right one. Green Machines produced a revolutionary hydrogen fuel cell machine and we launched it completely digitally. Online, during a massive worldwide lockdown.

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Product Launch & Branding

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Lead Gen & Funnel Campaigns

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Web Design & Development

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Social Media Marketing

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Video Production

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Influencers: Media with Feelings and Personality

Influencers: Media with Feelings and Personality

Back in 2016, the influencer marketing industry was worth $1,7 billion. In 2022 this number rose to $16.4 billion. The official numbers for 2023 […]

Creativity is CHEAP: Discover why and how?

Creativity is CHEAP!

Cheap as in: it is easy to create? Nope.

Cheap like: Good Creatives work for a small salary? Again, no.

Aha, you mean cheap like: the client does not […]

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