Creativity is CHEAP!

Cheap as in: it is easy to create? Nope.

Cheap like: Good Creatives work for a small salary? Again, no.

Aha, you mean cheap like: the client does not need to pay a lot for an idea? Guess what, NO! (even though on our market undervaluing an idea happens often, I sometimes get the feeling that Creatives do not have bills to pay and they work only for the pleasure part of the job).

So, the client needs to pay for an idea that is not easy to produce/create? How come you say it is cheap?!

Well, let’s go back to the basics. Each campaign needs content, right? And that content should be placed on some media so people can see it, where guess what, you need to pay so your content becomes visible. But sometimes that content/idea becomes so powerful that it breaks the barrier of paid promotion. That idea becomes loved/hated/commented/shared/quoted by many people. And it reaches a wider audience with a smaller budget, so eventually a creative idea becomes cheap.

All the struggle, costs, and brain power pay off in the end. We do not want to be creative for the sake of being creative, we do it because it is efficient. Your message gets across faster; your product becomes visible to more people and your service available easier. So, the next time we try to explain why the “creative” approach is our recommendation, it is because CREATIVITY IS CHEAP!

Perceiving creativity from this bird’s eye perspective reveals its multifaceted values and elements. When seen from this perspective, we can conclude that its real worth is not purely tied up to its cost of production. In reality, it encompasses all of the enduring implications it can produce on the brand, the messaging, and the audience. Despite the initial investment, the abiding results is what makes creativity a truly cost-effective and invaluable asset in the world of advertising, marketing and communication.

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Written by Filip Dimitrov