Ohridea where the New Moment family shares experiences

We work hard but we also play and party hard. This year we were BrAIn storming the new possibilities. This year (2023) we organized the 11th edition of the traditional New Moment gathering titled Ohridea, where all of the NM offices from different countries unite as one. The location of this event each year is the town of Ohrid and the goal is to get to know each other and share creative ideas. The atmosphere can be summed up into one sentence – Let’s get the party started!

The teams from Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia work with each other all year long but rarely have the opportunity to meet in person. Well, Ohridea is that opportunity for each member of the NM family.

This internal festival is organized every two years (although due to the pandemic we were forced to skip an edition). The goal is to bring together all the employees from different countries through different team building, as well as, thought-provoking activities because our motto is that we need to keep our minds and bodies sharp all the time. Yes, we break bread, mostly tasting local dishes such as Ohrid trout, gjomleze (traditional dish), or anything your heart desires … We dance and exchange positive energy that keeps us going … till the next gathering.

The theme of each edition of Ohridea is a current (or should we say pressing) issue in the marketing industry so in the 11th edition the focus was on Artificial Intelligence. When we work together and share experiences, we can also provide the best services for our clients. In addition, this festival evolves and each year we try to create an excellent learning and fun experience for the New Moment family.

At Ohridea, we can have the opportunity to hear some words of wisdom from our creative directors, account or PR managers, and production teams … and learn from each one of them so we can excel at our everyday tasks.

As the marketing industry evolves each day, so does Ohridea. The last one was focused on Artificial Intelligence and we are all looking forward to the next one. We all learn and grow. The New Moment family does this together!

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