30 years New Moment Skopje: Creating lasting creative values with a personal mark

Good ideas and creative solutions that cause positive emotion are the basis of New Moment Skopje’s operations for 30 years. Regardless of the current trends in advertising and communications at a global, regional, or local level, as well as technological innovations that inevitably create a different system of functioning, our agency over the years follows the basic postulate in its work – to create lasting values with a personal mark.

It is not an easy task to be and stay at the regional top of advertising for 30 years, especially when you are one of the pioneers in this industry. For us, it is a special occasion to celebrate this jubilee year when we look back at the results achieved, the incredible successes, and the challenges we face when developing our creative solutions for our clients.

The big celebration prepared by New Moment Skopje is the culmination of the 30-year period, marked by numerous successful projects, powerful messages, and emotional moments that remain etched in the public’s memory but also caused social changes. We celebrate 30 years of respecting established relationships in our agency by creating a family atmosphere among employees, deep friendships with clients, and offering the most creative solutions. With the celebration, we conclude a period of which we are extremely proud, when New Moment Skopje became the first advertising agency from the wider region to win an “Oscar” in the advertising industry, the highest award “Titanium Lion” at the Cannes Festival. Being in the company of the largest and most powerful advertising groups, when you come from a small country in the Balkans, is a great privilege and success, but also a huge obligation to justify it in all the following years of operation. That’s why we are especially proud of the two other “Lions” from Cannes that arrived after the titanium one and confirm that the success of New Moment Skopje is a result of continuous hard work and invested effort during the past three decades.

The three top recognitions came for campaigns with a strong social impact. Besides the creative contribution, New Moment Skopje, with its campaigns, also promotes lasting social values as the foundation of the local and regional community.

New Moment Skopje’s 30th anniversary is a moment for an even wider creative potential release offered by the Balkans and a deeper penetration into all creative industries by using all available resources. It is a period when we make the most of technological innovations that are an indispensable part of every business, including the creative one, and that significantly improve the performance of every communication. The creative industry changes from day to day and requires intensive monitoring and adaptation to trends in the short term. That is our goal – to constantly be up to date with the novelties and trends, creating creative solutions seasoned with Balkan charm. And that is what we need to celebrate. Discover our all-encompassing marketing solutions with proven approaches and methods for more than 30 years.